Solid State Mercenaries
A3313932209 10
Released April 21, 2017
Recorded 2003-2013
Genre Experimental
Length 39:23
Label Ipecac Recordings
Producer Omar Rodríguez-López
Omar Rodríguez-López solo chronology
Killing Tingled Lifting Retreats


Solid State Mercenaries


Birth Of A Ghost


Solid State Mercenaries is the forty-sixth album by Omar Rodríguez-López as a solo artist, released on April 21, 2017. It is the twenty-first release in the album series initiated by Ipecac Recordings, the ninth of the 2017 series.

Original release schedule listed a different title, Baby Teeth Farm. It's unknown whether this title was meant for this album, or a different release altogether.

Original release date was May 5, 2017.

"Congenial Censor" was released as a preview single on April 7, 2017

Album Info Edit

The album cover is a still from Omar's band "Bosnian Rainbows" music video "Turtle Neck". "Lightning Round" is a different version of "Sequester Chagall" from "Roman Lips" (2017). "Try On Little Man" is a combination of "Sueños Salvajes" from "Equinox" (2013) and "Bayamón Puerto Rico" from "Woman Gives Birth To Tomato!".

Track listing Edit

All music composed by Omar Rodríguez-López.

  1. Bought Some Faith - 3:43
  2. Sinister Page - 3:48
  3. Congenial Censor - 2:27
  4. Lightning Round - 3:29
  5. Killing Out the Special Tide - 5:00
  6. Five Star - 3:42
  7. Strangled Maybes - 5:01
  8. Mommy Dearest - 2:10
  9. Your Hazard Name - 5:36
  10. Try On Little Man - 4:27

Personnel Edit

  • Omar Rodríguez-López – guitar, vocals, bass, keyboards
  • Adrián Terrazas-González - saxophone
  • Jon Theodore - drums
  • Thomas Pridgen - drums
  • Deantoni Parks - drums

Release history Edit

Region Date Label Format
Worldwide April 21, 2017 Ipecac Recordings Digital download
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