Serpents For A Rainbow
Released TBA
Length 00:00
Label Ipecac Recordings
Producer Omar Rodríguez-López
Omar Rodríguez-López solo chronology

Birth Of A Ghost


Serpents For A Rainbow




Serpents For A Rainbow is the upcoming forty-ninth album by Omar Rodríguez-López as a solo artist, released on . It is the twenty-fourth release in the album series initiated by Ipecac Recordings.

Original release schedule listed a different title, Reganomics Lamborgini. It's unknown whether this title was meant for this album, or a different release altogether.

Original release date for the album was June 2, 2017

Album InfoEdit

Original album title Reganomics Lamborgini is a reference to American Dad. The new title, Serpents For A Rainbow is a possible reference to a 1988 movie "The Serpent and the Rainbow". The Mars Volta song "Halo In Nembutals" from "Octahedron" (2009) contains a lyric "Serpent rays in prism tail rainbows escape"

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