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Gorilla Preacher Cartel
Released March 24, 2017
Recorded 2003-2013
Genre Experimental
Length 36:11
Label Ipecac Recordings
Producer Omar Rodríguez-López
Omar Rodríguez-López solo chronology
Azul, Mis Dientes


Gorilla Preacher Cartel


Killing Tingled Lifting Retreats


Gorilla Preacher Cartel is the forty-fourth album by Omar Rodríguez-López as a solo artist, released on March 24, 2017. It is the nineteenth release in the album series initiated by Ipecac Recordings, the seventh of the 2017 series.

Original release schedule listed a different title, Scrapyard Handshakes. It's unknown whether this title was meant for this album, or a different release altogether.

"Buying Friendships" was released as a preview single on March 10, 2017

Album Information[]

"Spanish Castles" features music from "Mood Swings" ("Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fungus", 2008) and "Devouring a Sibling" ("Minor Cuts and Scrapes in the Bushes Ahead", 2008).

"Buying Friendships" includes lyrics from "Yeah About That, About That" ("Roman Lips", 2016) and drums from The Mars Volta song "Eriatarka" ("De-loused In The Comatorium", 2003) and Vasco Da Gama ("Solar Gambling, 2009).

Lección en Ignoracia includes lyrics from "Bitter Tears" and a riff from "Souless Doubts" (both from "Roman Lips", 2016).

"Solo Dios Lo Permite" features music from "Metallic Sweating for the Rich" (Weekly Mansions, 2016) and "Piedras Y Ansiedad" (Tychozorente, 2010).

"Loveless" and "Of Pride" is a different version of Upon Golden Ice ("Roman Lips", 2016). Interceptions is a studio version of "Broken English Jam" frequently performed on tour by The Mars Volta since 2009 till 2012.

Track listing[]

All music composed by Omar Rodríguez-López.

  1. Spanish Castles - 3:33
  2. No Little Man - 3:26
  3. Buying Friendships - 4:08
  4. Te Adoro - 3:23
  5. Lección en Ignoracia - 6:00
  6. Solo Dios Lo Permite - 1:19
  7. Warship Super Flask - 3:20
  8. Civil War Chocolates - 4:55
  9. Loveless - 2:36
  10. Interceptions - 4:54
  11. Of Pride - 2:10


  • Omar Rodríguez-López – guitar, vocals, bass, keyboards
  • Juan Alderete - bass
  • Deantoni Parks - drums
  • Jon Theodore - drums
  • Thomas Pridgen - drums
  • David Elitch - drums

Release history[]

Region Date Label Format
Worldwide March 24, 2017 Ipecac Recordings Digital download