Doom Patrol
A1906825022 10
Released July 14, 2017
Recorded 2013
Genre Experimental rock, electronica
Length 40:13
Label Ipecac Recordings
Producer Omar Rodríguez-López
Omar Rodríguez-López solo chronology
Birth Of A Ghost


Doom Patrol


Serpents For A Rainbow


Doom Patrol is the forty-eighth album by Omar Rodríguez-López as a solo artist, released on July 14, 2017. It is the twenty-third release in the album series initiated by Ipecac Recordings, the eleventh of the 2017 series.

Original release schedule listed a different title, Temporarily Testing Salvation. It's unknown whether this title was meant for this album, or a different release altogether.

Original release date for the album was May 19, 2017

"Chew Devour" was released as a preview single on July 7, 2017.

Album Info Edit

The album heavily samples tracks from a 2013 release "Woman Gives Birth To Tomato!". A snippet of different, instrumental version of "Maggot Breath", which was also released as "El Paso, Texas" on "Woman Gives Birth To A Tomato", was used in a video of ATDI 2016 Trip to Korea, which was posted on Omar's Facebook.

"Chew, Devour" samples guitar from "Or Make War" which was released on "Killing Tingled Lifting Retreats" (2017)

"Voraz" contains lyrics from "Roman Lips" which was released on the album of the same name (2017)

Track listing Edit

All music composed by Omar Rodríguez-López.

1. Chew, Devour 03:10

2. Tight Mess Boys 03:40

3. Maggot Breath 04:44

4. Cruelty Restores Order 02:17

5. Necroplasty 02:55

6. In Case of Emergency, Die Slowly 04:34

7. Washed Heel Flip 04:15

8. Voraz 05:07

9. Circuitry of Team Rash 04:13

10. Dressed For A Stabbing Museum 05:18

Personnel Edit

  • Omar Rodríguez-López – guitar, vocals, keyboards, bass
  • Adrián Terrazas-González – saxophone, bass clarinet, flute
  • Aaron Cruz Bravo – double bass
  • Mark Aanderud – piano
  • Hernan Hecht – drums
  • Deantoni Parks - drums

Release history Edit

Region Date Label Format
Worldwide July 14, 2017 Ipecac Recordings Digital download
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